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Obituary for Virginia LaDon Scholl

Donna was born in Kansas City, Missouri on August 31, 1942. She spent her early childhood years in Missouri living with her mother, Virginia Jones, and father, Allen White. At age 12 Her mother remarried her step dad, William Jones, and Donna became a military brat. They travelled and lived in many places for the next several years but most of her time was spent in Stuttgart, Germany where she graduated high school. She also met her first husband there. They married and moved to Tell City, Indiana where she lived for the next 12-14 years. During this time, she adopted her first daughter, Tammy, when she was just 21 months old. She divorced her first husband but she still stayed in Indiana, always saying how much she loved Indiana. At the age of 32, Donna moved to Bakersfield, CA to be closer to her parents and to have her second child, Melissa. She began working at Kmart. This is where she met her second husband, Orville. She continued to work for Kmart for 35 years until Kmart shut down on 34th street. She wasn’t quite ready to retire at that point so she went on to work for Gottschalks until she officially retired a few years later.
In her kid’s younger years, she was known to keep them busy with arts and crafts. On the weekends you could find her in the kitchen with Tammy and Melissa and the neighbor kids painting ceramics. Tammy remembers her belonging to some kind of a crafty club that would come in the mail and Tammy would get to complete the crafts with her. She was known to love horror movies and it didn’t matter who was there because she was going to watch them. She also loved to watch Melissa play video games late into the night. Melissa would beg to go to bed because she was tired and Donna would bribe her into staying up and trying to beat a level by telling her she could miss school the next day. She was quite a character.
In the late 70’s and into the early 80’s, Donna played softball. She played with the Huff and Puff’s. Her team was made up of middle-aged smokers who would run into the dugout and immediately light up a cigarette, which was why they were called the Huff n Puffs. She was a left-handed pitcher who caught and threw with the same hand. Just picture that in your head. She began racing dirt cars in the 80’s. Orville was the mechanic and built the car but she was the driver. She spent many Saturday nights out at the Bakersfield speedway with all of us cheering her on. She enjoyed that sport for many years. After that she began to play pool with Orville out of Ledbetter’s Pourhouse, where she made a lot of friends. She was an avid pool player for many years, even playing her last match at age 80. She could still pull off a win when nobody else could! She played pool out of several places through the years, Del Rio and Banacek’s just to name a few. She made many friends in the pool league and was known for always having a smile on her face. At one time she was playing 5 nights a week. She had more of a social life than her kids. She was a fierce competitor and travelled to Las Vegas several times to compete in the World Team Championships.
For many years Melissa and her family lived next door to her and she was known as ‘grandma next door’. They still refer to her as ‘grandma next door’. She was always up for a road trip. Donnie, Melissa’s husband, would be working out of town and Melissa and her kids would be missing him. Melissa would walk next door and say “Want to go to Frisco?” She would say “Sure when?” Melissa would say “In about an hour when I get packed.” She would get dressed and go, but would lecture Melissa for the first 30 minutes of the drive telling her that she could not just take off like this with these kids. She still went every time.
Donna passed away at home with her family. She fought long and hard to stay alive but just couldn’t fight anymore. We are glad she is no longer miserable and praying that she found peace on the other side. She was preceded in death by her father: Allen White, mother: Virginia Jones, Brother: Allen White Jr., and Husband: Orville Scholl. She is survived by her daughter and son in law: Tammy and Doug Edwards, daughter and son in law: Melissa and Donnie Britt, grandchildren: Jeffrey, Shelby, Kendra, Austin, Dylan, Ruthie, Tyler and Emma, and great grandchildren: Mikey, Matthew, Hayden, Hudson, Andrew, Jacob and Kenzie.
Special thank you to Bakersfield Community Hospice and their nurses, Kirsten and Jessica. Special Thank you to her aid, Dallas who mom dearly loved. Thank you to Terri Thacker for always being willing to come stay with her and watch her shows that nobody else wanted to watch. She had some special friends, you know who you are, she loved every one of you.