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Obituary for Kort Stanley Pereira

On the train of life is where you could find Kort… strapped to the front of the engine while others looked out the rear. Confidence to see and try anything new, laughing in the wind.

Kort Stanley Pereira passed away November 4, 2020 after a courageous fight against cancer at 67 years old.

He was a proud USC graduate who achieved a BS in Chemical Engineering. His first job right out of college was for Mobil Oil and between that and Aera Energy he accumulated 40 years of working in the oil industry. His first manager job was at 29 years old in Santa Fe Springs. He was the youngest person in the entire district, even the roust-abouts were older than him. But he was well liked so all of the older guys helped him and he soaked up their knowledge to take it into his future. Korts work profession took him to live in Colorado, Texas, Michigan and Oklahoma, but he eventually returned to the state he yearned for - California! He fit right in where ever he went…he was a good ole boy in his cowboy hat and ostrich cowboy boots but in a crisp suit he was a responsible decision maker as a manager or engineer.

He loved anything with motors - hot cars, fast boats and screaming dirt bikes. He could take them apart and put them together like tinker toys. On his Harley he managed to visit 48 states seeing exciting places along the way. Three times he did Run For The Wall, a motorcycle pilgrimage to remember Vietnam veterans which took him from California to the east coast with several hundred veterans. His last long ride with two friends took him from California to Maine so he could say he ate lobster!

His love of baseball started at eleven. As a young boy he would fall asleep with his small transistor radio under his pillow listening to Vince Skully call each move in the Dodger game. He played Little League and advanced to regular baseball in school and even considered that as a profession but his eyes weren’t good enough. His position was catcher and with that and team effort came winning many games. Even in retirement he followed the Dodger games and when he couldn’t sleep, re-runs could be heard on the TV. It was part of him.

Life was finally complete when he met and married his wife Diane and then had a family of two daughters, Danielle and Morgan. Kort loved to adventure and each summer the family would take a two-week motorhome trip to a new place, most of the time out of state. Kort loved to teach and taught many “firsts” to each daughter … how to fish, water ski, snow ski, ride a motorcycle, welding metal posts and to change their car tires are just a few. As the years passed, two grandsons, Aiden and Calvin came into his life bringing more joy and he was thankful to have lived long enough to see his third grandson Wyatt.

Kort is survived by his parents, Tony and Dorris Pereira, beloved wife Diane of 28 years, daughter Danielle Smith (partner Martin Buschbacher), daughter Morgan Hall (husband Chase Hall), and three grandsons, Aiden Smith, Calvin Smith and Wyatt Hall. He will be forever missed.