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Obituary for Huda Fatouhi

Huda Fatouhi, also known as Teresa was born in Amman Jordan on January 1st 1954 from her loving parents Issa and Julia Gammoh. She came to the United States on January 1st 1982 where she married Issam Fatouhi on October 24, 1982. She had 3 sons, Ronnie, Randy, and Romel, which one had passed away 4 years ago. Teresa was a very lovable person with passion. She was very special to everyone and was a hardworking individual that wouldn't ever hesitate on helping the next person. She was pure hearted, caring, and a very generous woman who was even willing to help with her very last penny. We all know she will be greatly missed always and has a special place in our hearts full of memories that were shared with her. We will keep here in our prayers as we all know she was a Godly person who always prayed for every one of us. May her soul rest in paradise next to her son Ronnie, as those were her wishes to be next to him. Amen.