Choosing Cremation

New choices, thoughtful options

There are few decisions more personal than choosing a final resting place, whether for yourself or for a loved one. An ever-increasing number of Bakersfield families, after thoughtful consideration, are choosing cremation for a variety of reasons. Regardless whether yours are personal, practical, or both, you’ll find that Greenlawn offers a wide variety of cremation services, memorialization products and permanent environments of surpassing beauty in which to forever honor and remember your loved ones. Whatever your choices, whatever your needs, in both good and difficult times, we’re in your corner. We’re pledged to serve you and your family with utmost support and attentive care, regardless the size of your budget. Our people are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns about any aspect of the cremation process and memorialization options. That’s what friends are for.

To request your free Cremation Options Brochure, just call or contact us. Also, click here to download your Cremation Property Options Brochure now.

The range of permanent memorialization properties for cremated remains is wide at Greenlawn, from water and statuary features to lawn niches to above-ground columbaria to indoor glass-front niches. Ask us about your many choices.

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